Program Description:

The program is designed to match national job market requirements; expressed by the national professional standards set for assistant accountants. Training for the program involves general English language skills, mathematics, basic methods for human communications, and for interaction with others. Training includes basic skills required for the administrative technology. They also include computing & collecting zakat and taxes, in addition to various aspects of costing accounting in the various concerns, stores systems: including inventory of property and using modern technology. Included within the program, we have accounting for the institutes supervised by the General Authority of Private Training affiliated to the General Corporation for Technical & Vocational Training. Trainees receive 1600training hours, in addition to another 490 training hours received in the job market. Graduates of the program are granted a diploma certificate in administrative technology, with major in accounting; which is equivalent to high education degrees issued by the technical colleges in the same specialty. Graduates may work in the fields connected with accounting as assistant accountants, book keepers, treasures, issuing officers, storekeepers, property officers, zakat and tax officers or assistant auditors.

Diploma Duration:

2 years and a half

General Objective:

The program aims at providing the trainees with skills and information essential for working in the field of accounting.

Detailed Objectives::

At the end of the program, the trainee will be able to:
● Participate in the working of property and inventory commissions.
● Participate in the monitoring and internal auditing commissions.
● Prepare various financial entitlement reports, together with matters related to the cuts and increments.
● Take over treasury and stores work.

Certified By:

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