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The budget is the means used to express the basic needs of resources, such as materials, capital, and people, all of which contribute to achieving a set of goals based on time stages. The budget is defined as a financial tool that contributes to providing estimates about expenses and expected revenues during a certain period of time. , and often in the future.
Preparing budgets in a correct manner contributes to obtaining the required results, and the success of preparing budgets depends on the application of a set of steps that will be applied during this cycle.

Detailed Objectives::

• Introduction to the financial system
Main topic: Introduction and definition
• The intellectual framework of the budgeting system
Main topic: Introduction and definition
• Informing the trainee and introducing him to the basics of preparing budgets. The main topic: budget preparation
• Reviewing the stages of budget preparation
Parent topic: Budgeting
• Raising the skill of planning and evaluating and reducing deviations
Main topic: distractions
• The ability to evaluate investments
Main topic: Investment valuation

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