Graphic Design Diploma

The duration of the diploma is two years and a half. Training in the Graphic Design Diploma includes building a good educational background, creativity, choosing colors and images, thinking outside the box, and mastering digital skills in design that include design programs.

This diploma promotes thought-provoking ideas whether it’s on paper, a social media page banner, website banner, logo, or more within smart and fun ideas.

This diploma enables the trainee to master brand strategy, design planning and creative marketing that can be used for presentations and business marketing.

At the end of the diploma, the trainee will be able to master all the skills that help her in creating designs and know all the relevant aspects of customer needs using graphic design skills, in addition to using techniques and technology to deliver the message easily and in a creative way.

The graduate in this department is awarded a diploma in graphic design accredited by Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.

Objectives of the program:

  • Empowering the trainee with all the practical and technical capabilities needed in graphic design
  • Training the trainee to solve various types of design requirements and applications through their continuous work in the ceremonies.
  • Introducing the trainee to historical developments and intellectual theories.
  • Training the trainee in free drawing, coloring, fonts and typographical letters, optical and digital photography, engraving and printing techniques, design in 2nd and 3rd dimensions.
  • Empowering the trainee to prepare scientific research and critical analysis in the areas of specialization.
  • Training the trainee to use the latest computer software programs such as Photoshop for image processing, Illustrator for covers, packaging and printing, InDesign for magazines, After Effects which is a motion graphic and cinematic tricks program that is used in the manufacture of digital videos, films, special effects, fantasy and the corral draw for editing photos and graphics.
  • Preparing the trainee to work in the local market through intensive training in the field of design and practical training, and intensifying their knowledge of professional work and technical contracts.

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