Interior Design Diploma

The Interior Design Diploma program (2.5 years) focuses on developing essential skills in space art to enhance physical comfort and maximize the effective utilization of space. Students learn to harmonize various design elements, including color, furniture, style, lighting, fabrics, and materials. By blending these elements, they cater to clients’ needs and preferences while creating a distinct ambiance for each space. The curriculum covers sketching for spaces and furniture, lighting layouts, material selection, fabric choices, color schemes, and budgeting for projects.

Upon completion, graduates receive an accredited interior design diploma from TVTC.

General Objectives:

1. Analyze interior spaces and design elements to optimize spatial utilization.
2. Apply design principles to create innovative color schemes.
3. Adapt design skills to meet clients’ specific needs and lifestyle.
4. Generate engineering drawings, furniture layouts, and lighting plans using AutoCAD.
5. Produce professional 3D interior renderings with 3D Studio Max.
6. Create polished project presentations using Photoshop.
7. Collaborate with vendors in the interior design industry.
8. Develop project budgets and estimate material quantities for design projects.

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