Accreditation Number:

12441912 – 12442525 – 12449170

Program Description:

Interior Design course gives you the opportunity to develop your skills of drawing, coloring and assembling into decorating art though furniture distribution, colors and fabric selection using unique techniques and taste.  We are offering a certificate for the interior design course after proceeding the exam of the technical and vocational training corporation.

Fundamentals of Interior design Course

The Fundamentals of Design course provides an opportunity for interior design enthusiasts to get acquainted with the basics of interior design. They learn its basic concepts, basic elements in design such as colors and visual elements and how to employ them in a creative way. Also, it helps them to know the basics of brushes, lighting and creativity of color schemes. It gives an overview of the most famous furniture models and the most important materials used in interior design and at the same time , they will learn new ideas for making mod board.

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